Classica miscellanea

Did Alexander the Great really make a speech at Opis proclaiming brotherly love among peoples and the equality of Greek and Barbarian? Well, not exactly. What is commonly called the “Speech at Opis” was a literary creation by the Greek author Christos Zalokostas which first appeared in his 1971 book, Alexander the Great, Forerunner of Christ. However, this does not mean that the ideas expressed in Zalokostas’ text are completely baseless historically:

Λόγος στην Ώπη

One musn’t also forget Alexander’s famed visit to Jerusalem.

The following is a comparison between St. Constantine the Great’s Greek translation of Vergil’s Fourth Eclogue (taken from Eusebius’ Life of Constantine) and the Latin original. Significant discrepancies highlighted:


Classica miscellanea

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